Weichao Qiu (邱卫超)

Email: qiuwch at gmail dot com

A fifth-year computer science Ph.D student of Johns Hopkins University.

Advisor: Alan Yuille


2016 – 2020
Ph.D. Student in Department of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University (Transfered with Prof. Alan Yuille). Advisor: Prof. Alan Yuille
2014 - 2016
Ph.D. Student in Department of Statistics, UCLA. Advisor: Prof. Alan Yuille
2011 – 2014
Master student in Department of Electronics and Information Engineering, Huazhong University of Sci. and Tech. (HUST). Advisor: Prof. Xiang Bai
2007 – 2011
Bachelor in Department of Computer Science, HUST


2016.01 - 2020.12
Ph.D. student of Johns Hopkins University.
Taught JHU intersession course Virtual Reality App Development
2017.06 - 2017.11
Research intern of Oculus Research, Pittsburgh, PA
2014.09 - 2016.01
Ph.D student of UCLA
  • Use Blender to generate synthetic human images with rich annotations, including keypoint and semantic part labeling.
2013.02 - 2013.11
Visiting Graduate Researcher, UCLA, Statistics, Supervised by Prof. Alan Yuille
  • Image IQ, Collaborate with Prof. Hongjing Lu
  • Psychophysical experiment to study human’s ability of recognizing object when they see images through aperture. Human’s ability of recognizing small patch can help understand how to encode local visual information.

  • Dense correspondence estimation, Collaborate with Prof. Zhuowen Tu
  • Extend SiftFlow algorithm by adding a scale field to solve large scale variance between two images

2010.09 - 2013.01
Research assistant in Multimedia and Communication lab, Supervised by Prof. Xiang Bai & Prof. Wenyu Liu
  • Vehicle Detection
  • Face recognition in unconstrained environment
2009.09 - 2010.06
President of Unique Studio, HUST
2009.07 - 2009.10
Intern of Microsoft Research, Asia, IEG (Innovation Engineering Group), Beijing


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