Weichao Qiu (邱卫超)

Email: qiuwch at gmail dot com

A fifth-year computer science Ph.D student of Johns Hopkins University.

Advisor: Alan Yuille


2016 – now
Ph.D. Student in Department of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University (Transfered with Prof. Alan Yuille). Advisor: Prof. Alan Yuille
2014 - 2016
Ph.D. Student in Department of Statistics, UCLA. Advisor: Prof. Alan Yuille
2011 – 2014
Master student in Department of Electronics and Information Engineering, Huazhong University of Sci. and Tech. (HUST). Advisor: Prof. Xiang Bai
2007 – 2011
Bachelor in Department of Computer Science, HUST



Taught JHU intersession course Virtual Reality App Development

06.2017 - 11.2017

Research intern of Oculus Research, Pittsburgh, PA

01.2016 - now
Ph.D. student of Johns Hopkins University.

Use Unreal Engine (UE4) to construct virtual worlds for training and diagnosing computer vision algorithms. Develop an UE4 plugin UnrealCV (unrealcv.org) to make realistic virtual worlds easier to create, use and share. Maintain a list showing applications of synthetic data in computer vision

09.2014 - 01.2016
Ph.D student of UCLA

Use Blender to generate synthetic human images with rich annotations, including keypoint and semantic part labeling.

02.2013 - 11.2013
Visiting Graduate Researcher, UCLA, Statistics, Supervised by Prof. Alan Yuille
  • Image IQ, Collaborate with Prof. Hongjing Lu
  • Psychophysical experiment to study human’s ability of recognizing object when they see images through aperture. Human’s ability of recognizing small patch can help understand how to encode local visual information.

  • Dense correspondence estimation, Collaborate with Prof. Zhuowen Tu
  • Extend SiftFlow algorithm by adding a scale field to solve large scale variance between two images

09.2010 - 01.2013
Research assistant in Multimedia and Communication lab, Supervised by Prof. Xiang Bai & Prof. Wenyu Liu
  • Vehicle Detection

    Develop vehicle detection algorithm based on generic object detection algorithm.

  • Face recognition in unconstrained environment

    Leader of face recognition team. Develop commercial product for surveillant environment (train station, airport, etc.)

09.2009 - 06.2010
President of Unique Studio, Qiming, HUST

Unique Studio is a technical association in HUST which receives about 400 applications each year with accept rate less than 5%.

07.2009 - 10.2009
Intern of Microsoft Research, Asia, IEG (Innovation Engineering Group), Beijing